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Rumours say that they where limited to 300 copies. This information is likely but not confirmed..

ZOTH 001 - ZOTH 005

The first 5 promotional vinyls were sent to DJ's in plain white sleeves with a glued on infosheet (DIN A4).

ZOTH 006 - ZOT 28

The distribution company AMV packed the promotional vinyls in different ways...

01 "PROMOTIONAL PREVIEW COPY" sleeves (die cut or regular cover)
02 "MUSIC RESEARCH LABEL COVER" (orange worker on front)
03 "GENERIC" (plain cardboard sleeve)
04 "PAPERSLEEVES" (standard plain inner cover)

Maybe the first few copies from the promotioal vinyls where packed in "MUSIC RESEARCH LABEL COVER". Some of the promotional copies came with b/w copied infosheets. Most of the copies where stickered on the cover or the labels. On some copies the catalogue number is handwritten on the labels.

›› Promo (CD)

Zoth Ommog did promotion for all CD releases (ZOT 09 CD - CD ZOT 261).

ZOT 09 CD - CD ZOT 145 and CD ZOT 157

These are the "real" promotional CD's. It means these CD's were factory made. All CD's came in plain silver with black offset print and the hint "promotional copy - not for sale". They were released in a black or white cardboards with a black or white sticker on front. Several font colours exist:

for the white stickers - black, blue and red
for the black stickers - of course white ;o)

Editions are unknown but rumours say that they were pressed in editions of 300 up to 500 copies for each release.

CD ZOT 146 - CD ZOT 156, CD ZOT 158 - CD ZOT 260

Retail CD's were used for promotion. The label packed the regular CD's into the cardboards (see above). For the late Zoth Ommog releases (CD ZOT 200+) the label printed promotional folders (1 or 2 pages) and postcards.


For some releases or special events like music fairies real promotional CD's were produced (see "Musterplatten").Most of the releases are limited to 300 copies.